What exactly is ‘Classofy’?

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Being a young local search engine portal, we bring modernity and fusion in to the mix of these the basic mediators and nosy companies. Hence, we act as mediators between you and your clients and therefore help you achieve your goals and fulfil all your requirements easily and swiftly. We also offer paid advertisement services like banners as well search advertisements, in order to be able to take your business to the nest level and to be able to attract the attention of all the users to your services which will help you climb up the ladder of success with extreme ease. As far as it comes to the buyers or the customers, we provide with one stop solutions to all you service needs- from crazy to freaky, our well-connected brand promises to memorable experiences and excellent services, of every kind!

Our organisation basically aims to make communication between users and businesses, easier, effective and efficient and provide fast, free, reliable and comprehensive information to our users, i.e. we connect buyers to the right sellers.


Our basic aim is to change the way the corporate world runs which is why we are proud to call ourselves, strict ‘non-conformists’ when it comes to the typical standards and methods of providing services and hence, we love to apply our own unique twists to the basic idea of the same and that is how we bridge the gap between Businesses and their clients i.e. Suppliers and the buyers.


We aim to provide our users with a Wider marketplace with a different and wide range of products and suppliers which basically aims to provide you with balanced and well-enhanced business visibility for all businesses and make availability more accessible for our customers.

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Service and support is very good.


Classofy support team is very helpful and supportive. One the best thing that I like the most about this firm that they give values to business and use a client centric approach always.