Ikta aromatics – Top fragrance manufacturer since 1973

Ikta aromatics – Top fragrance manufacturer since 1973

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Ikta aromatics is a well reputed fragrance manufacturer in India known for its distinct and recognisable fragrance/ aroma .The fragrances of manufactured by the firm is extensively used in wide array of products like Fine Fragrance, Personal Care , Fabric Care, Home Care and many more. Backed by experience and expertise of over 5 decades , Ikta aromatics has emerged as the top fragrance supplier in India , because of its premium quality fragrances .

The firm excels at procuring the best natural & synthetic ingredients to create distinctive and recognizable fragrances .


Ikta aromatics – Distinct features and attributes


The firm has been top natural fragrance supplier in India due to its commitment to premium customer preferences and needs. This achievement is attributable to the following reasons:


✓Creativity and Innovation

Ikta aromatics , top fragrance supplier in India has a inclination for creating some unique fragrances using latest advancements and Innovation in manufacturing , that helps to delight it’s esteemed clientele.


✓Prompt Client service

The firm believes each client deserves personalized care and attention .The firm has become the top fragrance supplier in India , because of its mindset that ensures services tailored to requirements of the client.


✓ Consistency and quality control

The firm thrives as top fragrance manufacturer in India because it’s consistency in delivering high quality products that goes through stringent quality control measures approved by government to ensure best quality fragrances.


Application of ikta aromatics fragrances


Ikta aromatics is the top fragrance manufacturer in India and it’s fragrances is used in making many products namely :


✓ Personal Care Products:

 Ikta aromatics fragrances are used in making a variety of products like Perfumes , Colognes , Lotions , Creams, Shampoos , Conditioners: known for its refreshing and unique aroma.


✓ Home Care Products:

The fragrance used to add aroma to Candles, Air Fresheners and many home care products by providing long-lasting freshness from aroma They are also used in the adding refreshing fragrances in cleaning Products.



Ikta aromatics fragrances are used to add subtle scents Lip Balms and Lipsticks, Creams and Serums. The firm has emerged as top fragrance supplier in India, because it Infuses cosmetics with pleasant fragrances.


✓Household Products:

They are used in laundry detergents, fabric softeners, and dishwashing liquids to infuse fabrics with pleasant, long-lasting aromas, enhancing cleaning and making household chores more enjoyable.


Ikta Aromatics – Connecting the world through fragrances


Ikta aromatics is the top natural fragrance exporters in India because of its, extending reach in countries across the globe . The firm manufacture over 100 products and has a clientele of across the world. Its unique aromas are highly sought after globally in the olfactory arts. As top fragrance manufacturers in India, our perfumery essences have empowered our associates to excel.


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